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The Bowdoin Orient: Film About photographer alum holds audience captive - Erin K. McAuliffe
November 9, 2007

"Discreetly tucked away in the corners of the Daggett Lounge are a couple of photographs that arguably belong in the Walker Art Museum. They are the works of Abelardo Morell '77, whose unbelievable pictures will have students penciling in Photography on their spring enrollment forms..."

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Boston Globe: Movie Review - By Mark Feeney September 13, 2007

"Shadows are important for Abelardo Morell. An internationally acclaimed photographer who teaches at Massachusetts College of Art, Morell has to deal with them in his work. He also has spent his life living in the shadow of Cuba, which he fled with his parents and sister in 1962, when he was 13. Part of the beauty of Allie Humenuk's documentary about him, "Shadow of the House: Photographer Abelardo Morell," is the way it gives shadows their due while never losing sight of the predominance of light in both Morell's art and life..."

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Art New England: Abelardo Morell: Stepping into the Light. By Raymond Liddell. August/September, 2007

"In Shadow of the House, Humenuk has transcended the "artist documentary" genre with an elegantly crafted, richly complicated portrait of the artist. It is a serendipitous collaboration between a gifted photographer and master cinematographer and teller of tales...." (8).

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Kino-Eye.com Review by David Tames

"This is one of the best films I’ve seen dealing with an artist, his process, and the life behind the work. The film won the award for Best New England Film at the festival, however, the film deserves much more than regional recognition, for me it was the best documentary at the festival."

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IMAGINE Magazine By Carol Patton. September, 2007

Allie Humenuk: A Filmmaker's Journey Complete

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Boston Globe: Local Action. By Leslie Brokaw September 2, 2007

"Like the 2001 documentary ``Rivers and Tides," one of the best films about an artist at work, Cambridge filmmaker Allie Humenuk's documentary immerses itself in the patient, unglamorous work of creation..."

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NewEnglandFilm.com: Inside Looking Out
an interview with Allie Huemnuk by Scott R. Caseley

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Filmcritic.com Review by Norm Schrager

"Director Humenuk never lets her film get carried away with clichéd emotion -- and there's plenty of opportunity to do so. After we learn of Morell's background and fascinating creative process, he reveals plans to return to Cuba for 10 days of work. While there, he spends time with an uncle he hasn't seen in decades, visits his childhood house with his wife and tracks down a scrapbook's worth of old photographs..."

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Wicked Bourne Local: "Dark and light in ‘Shadow of the House’"
By Rebecca M. Alvin.

One of the most painful sequences in the film occurs when Morell’s parents respond to his willingness to return to the country they would rather forget.

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