a film by allie humenuk

Translator:Jaime Botero is a bicultural Colombo-American man of many hats: certified chef; professional chauffeur; assistant editor for a biweekly international economic and historic column appearing in the daily El Colombiano of Medellin; and translator/interpreter for worthy causes.  Jaime established himself as an interpreter in Michigan and Appalachia, translating sermons simultaneously, which serendipitously led to the translating of technical projects for ASPI (Appalachia Science in the Public Interest), a delightful non-profit organization.


Director, Producer,DP Allie Humenuk
Editor Sabrina Zanella-Foresi
Consulting Producer Linda Morgenstern
Composer Ruth Mendelson
On-line/Colorist David Allen
Graphic Design Paul Pridgeon
Sound Mix Richard Bock
Translator Jaime Botero